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No matter how long you've worked in construction, you've undoubtedly experienced your fair share of budgeting issues. 

If there’s one thing you learn quickly as a contractor, it’s that not every job goes according to plan. In many cases, the challenges you face on a typical work site aren't unique, and you can bet that countless other building professionals deal with similar issues during an average job.

As major suppliers for residential and commercial contractors, the BuildDirect team surveyed industry professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of the biggest challenges that the building professional community has to tackle. Take a closer look at the top five challenges facing contractors today.

Top 5 Challenges Facing Contractors Today

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Finding a Variety of Flooring Products

Two of the most common contractor challenges that the BuildDirect team identified include limited product selection and questionable quality.

For many contractors, these issues arise because your clients' flooring needs have evolved over the years, but your sources for products haven't changed. If you're like many contractors, your go-to sources for flooring products have always included either highly specialized sellers or massive warehouse marketplaces. The former tends to offer a limited selection of high-quality products, while the latter typically provides an impressive variety of low-quality flooring.

Ultimately, neither has what contractors need to do the job right. Instead, you need a middle ground, a large marketplace that offers an extensive variety of hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring from reliable manufacturers that always put quality first.

Getting Affordable Prices on High-Quality Flooring Products

Ordering Products While They're Still in Stock

When you do manage to find the flooring you need for a job at a price that fits into your project budget, more often than not, the product will already be out of stock. Rather than getting what you need when you need it, you'll be stuck waiting for a backordered product to come back in stock or you'll have to start your search from the beginning.

If this scenario has happened to you more than once, you're in good company. According to BuildDirect's survey, contractors frequently struggle to order products while they're in stock, as high-quality flooring at reasonable prices tends to sell out quickly.

To make the most of a busy schedule, contractors need to know whether the products they're considering are available on their project timeline. Ideally, you need real-time data regarding availability or an on-call product sales specialist, so you can source what you need without missing a beat.

Staying on Schedule

No matter what size job you're working on, a delay of a few hours can quickly turn into a day, a week, or longer. Soon that small job has turned into a major headache, a project that you won't be able to wrap up anywhere near soon enough. If you've worked in the construction industry for long, you may not be surprised that BuildDirect found staying on schedule is a substantial challenge for contractors.

While you can't always predict the delays that will arise during a job, you can do your best to accommodate common issues and make sure that you've allotted ample time to address problems. Experienced project managers often recommend working slack time into your schedule rather than planning a task for every minute of the workday. Identifying the critical path, or the most important and most time-consuming task, can also help you plot an accurate project schedule that still allows for inevitable delays.

Being able to source building products on a reasonable timeline and schedule delivery to your job site can also help you stay on schedule. After all, sourcing what you need on your preferred timeline reduces the chances that you'll have to crash or fast-track to keep your project on schedule.

Keeping Projects On Budget

Like project budgets, job schedules can easily get off track for contractors. From unexpectedly high product costs and excess charges to fast-track labor fees and rush delivery charges, your budget can increase exponentially over the course of a day. As BuildDirect learned, keeping projects on budget is a major challenge for contractors, whether you work in residential or commercial construction.

While you may never be able to estimate a project budget accurately to the penny, you can take steps to set and stick to a budget. Starting with a ballpark estimate for costs can be helpful, but getting real-time costs for in-stock products can help ensure that your project total will be relatively close to what you projected. When you take the time to add a contingency to your budget, you can be sure that the inevitable extras won't compromise the cost of your project.

Whether one, two, or all of these challenges resonate with you, you can take steps to get access to a variety of high-quality, cost-effective, and in-stock products that will help you keep projects on schedule and on budget. Consider a free BuildDirect Pro Rewards membership to tap into unbeatable pricing, flexible delivery, and unlimited free product samples for your next job.


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As an experienced building professional, you're no stranger to making strong connections with others in the industry. Building a wide network may help you get access to a larger selection of construction and home improvement products, but it doesn't always help you negotiate lower prices, especially if you don't need to purchase large quantities of the same products for each job.

As the BuildDirect team has learned, getting access to affordable prices on high-quality products is a pervasive problem for contractors today. This issue proves particularly challenging if you tend to take on a range of building projects that have a variety of needs and specifications, especially when each job is different from the last.

Rather than relying on connections for great deals or spending excessive time seeking reasonable prices, contractors need a reliable source for affordable prices on high-quality flooring products. Ideally, you'll have a dedicated account representative who can save you time by sourcing products that meet your specifications and can save you money by securing great discounts.

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